THE KEY: Sports and Leadership Institute (The KeySLI), a private and not-for profit organization, is designed to promote improvement of sports ability, and develop leadership skills and healthy outlooks by providing unique services for ages 8-10,  11-13, and 14-18.
The main Program consists of:
  • Proper Breathing
  • Healthy Nutrition 
  • Conflict Identification
  • Player Skill Assessment
  • One on One Player Development
  • Team and Character Building Exercises

Whether it is improving performance in sports or becoming healthier, a student has to be ready and willing to make changes.  The KeySLI team  knows that increasing skill levels in sports comes with focused practice and discipline. However, what many youth and their parents often miss is the strong connection between eating properly,  knowing how to breathe effectively,  and clear thinking. These elements  are just as important as learning movements, plays, and ball handling; actually what one eats, how one breathes, and the ability to have clarity of thought are vital to improving performance and being healthy.

Through a wholistic combination of character building exercises, learning basketball techniques, strength and endurance lessons our primary mission includes  positive    self-development of our participating students, helping them to identify and resolve conflict, to learn their strengths and recognize and work on their personal weaknesses (if any), and to become productive assets to their families, and the community. 

In  order to be culturally sensitive and to incorporate sound principles that work  to teach  ethical decision making skills, boost self- confidence and heighten motivation to achieve goals,   The Key SLI has as its foundation the shared values of the principles of MA'AT (Truth, Balance, Order, Reciprocity, Honesty, Justice, and Harmony)  and  the seven principles of the NGUZO SABA (Umoja = Unity, Kujichagulia = Self determination, Ujimaa = Collective Work and Responsibility, Ujaama = Cooperative Economics, Nia = Purpose, Kuumba = Creativity, and  Imani = Faith).

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The Key Sports and Leadership Institute
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