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                                                                 Player Profile

Name:Hijr K. Sabree
Hometown:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19119 - USA
Height & Weight: 6’ 8’’ 215 Lbs
Positions:Small Forward, Power Forward

Sabree is the perfect combination of speed and agility for a player of his size. He is an energetic and athletic player who can play well at the 3/4 positions. Hijr possesses solid basketball fundamentals with good ball handling skills, has an impressive 16-foot jump shot, and is an outstanding shoot blocker. He is a consistent foul shooter who also demonstrates natural leadership abilities on and off the court, has respectable work ethic, a great attitude, and is a team player. When Hijr is stateside he is vigorously sought after to play in summer and/or local leagues.

  Basketball Professional Experience:

Imhotep Institute Charter High School, Philadelphia, PA
Assistant Coach – senior varsity- August 2006 to June 2007

Free Agent Camp -2004( offer to play in Ireland)
Israel, Mecob Natanya Men's Basketball 2001, averaged 16 ppg, 8 rbpg, 3 blocks, 2 steals.

France for Rodez, Men's Basketball 2000, averaged 17ppg, 12rbpg, 2 blocks per game

San Francisco: Dominican Republic, Maxia Gomez Club, Division I Men’s Basketball 
summer League 2000 -, averaged 15 ppg,- 8rbpg - 3.3 blocks

Romania for Steaua Bucuresti 1999, averaged 27 ppg, 15rbpg

Germantown Friends School, Philadelphia, PA
Jr. Varsity Coach- {part- time} December 1998-April 1999
Taught basketball fundamentals and various plays to a group of middle school students; integrated physical fitness exercises as well as provided direction and coaching at games.

Lubin: Poland, Club Azs, Division 2 Men’s Basketball League 1997-1998, averaged 19 ppg 
8 rbpg - 4 blocks per game. With Sabree’s performance the team won the league championship.
This win allowed the team to move to Division I.

San Francisco: Dominican Republic, Club Monte Carlos, Division I Men’s Basketball League 1997 
averaged 24.4 ppg,- 12 rbpg - 3.3 blocks. Voted team MVP

Peru: Arequipa, Club Internationale, Division I Men’s Basketball League1996 - Played 15 games in the local league averaging 20 points per game. Also played in the professional league and there averaged - 23.1 points - 8 rebounds –  3.2 blocks. Contributed greatly to winning the league championship

New Zealand: Christchurch, Canterbury Rams, Division I Men’s Basketball League 1995, averaged 18 points, 9 rebounds, 3.1 blocks.

Croatia: Vinkovci, Division II Men’s Basketball League1994 - 1995 - averaged 24 points, 11 rebounds, 3 blocks.

Delaware: Wilmington, Blue Bombers, Atlantic Basketball Association [ABA]
August 1994- November 1994 - Semi-professional basketball team. Played as a small forward.

College: Delaware State University, Division I Men’s Basketball.
September 1990 - June 1994  

Senior year Broke school record for blocked shots with 112 blocked shots in his career. Was team co-captain and second leading scorer, averaged 22.1 points, 10.0 rebounds, 3.8 blocks per game. 

Junior year Led the team in scoring, averaged 21.2 points, 8.9 rebounds, 3.6 blocks per game. 
Played in the MEAC championship  

Sophomore year Was a starter and averaged 11.8 points, 6.8 rebound, 3 blocks per game. 

Freshman year Was voted the most improved player, averaged 2.9 blocks per game. Also as the sixth man off the bench he helped the team go to the championship. This was a first in the history of the school.

High School: Roxborough High School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, led the team in scoring both junior and senior years with 17.8 points. Also he led the team and set a school record in blocked shots with a career high of 100. 

In his senior year he was selected as one of the McDonald’s High School All American players.

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Philly's Finest Making A List Of The City's Top College Basketball Prospects
By Ted Silary, Daily News Sports Writer
Posted: February 07, 1989

In alphabetical order, by current position:

Fred Anderson, Northeast, 6-1, WG; Kevin Benton, Mastbaum, 6-4, FF-WG; Eugene Burroughs, Episcopal, 6-foot, WG; Eddie Campbell, St. John Neumann, 6-5, PF; Jonathan Haynes, Germantown Friends, 6-1, LG; Roy Lloyd, West Phila., 6-4, FF; Aaron McKie, Gratz, 6-4, WG-FF; Kenya Mobley, Dobbins, 6-7, PF-C; Chris Mooney, Ryan, 6-4, FF; Harry Moore, Gratz, 6-7, C; Malik Nagel, Germantown Friends, 6-5, FF; 
Hijr Sabree, Roxborough, 6-7, C; Stephen Stewart, Parkway, 6-5, FF-PF; Carlin Warley, Frankford, 6-6, C; Charles Wise, Central, 6-3, C-PF.
 Philly's Finest Listing The City's Top College Basketball Prospects
By Ted Silary, Daily News Sports Writer
Posted: February 08, 1990

THE BEST: Harry Moore, Gratz, 6-7, runs floor with anyone, still learning, La Salle thought to have inside track, can handle 30 more pounds; Kenya Mobley, Dobbins, 6-8, Georgetown keeping tabs, fast off feet, not a finished product, shot-blocker; Durant Ratcliff, Parkway, 6-8, 48 OK, praying mantis in sneakers, was 5-11 in ninth grade, burgeoning Division I interest, very sound fundamentally, will be a force someday; Hijr Sabree, Roxborough, 6-7, headed for Delaware State; Ed Gland, West Phila., 6-6, tough rebounder, II's on trail, shows flashes of athleticism on wing; Eddie Campbell, Neumann, 6-5, solid II interest, huge hands and feet, could be SF down the line; Nate Robinson, McDevitt, 6-5, 48 OK, late bloomer, deep sub last year, could be nice find for II's; Ricky Dunbar, Frankford, 6-5, 48 OK, first-year varsity player, another nice find, possible SF as confidence grows.