Hijr K. Sabree the founder of The Key Sports and Leadership Institute, is a behavioral health specialist, and has over 10 years’ experience as a professional basketball player, rehabilitation counselor,  is a certified breathologist, a martial student and avid chess player. 
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Interviewer: What contributed to your success in life?

Sabree Answer: “My parents, the ancestors and a variety of life experiences have taught me that there is no deep secret or magic potion for success. In truth The Key to a good life is working smart and striving consistently to become a self-determined leader, with integrity, imagination, and a keen sense of humor, good character and a strong heart!”

Interviewer:  What was your motivation for establishing The Key Sports and Leadership Institute

Sabree Answer:  “Our youth are bright and very talented and often they are not given the type of guidance or encouragement needed to be safe, alive and successful in achieving their dreams/goals. I wanted to give back to my community. As a basketball player, counselor or family member  being focused and willing to assist and rebound always helped whatever team I was on to be successful. I would like to duplicate that awareness and help develop sound work ethics, good sportsmanship, and strong conscious leaders on and off the courts.” 

Interviewer: Should boys and girls, parents, and/or school administrators trust the projected outcomes of TheKeySLI programs?   

Sabree Answer: "Simply put, yes! Trust and rapport are vital to any healthy relationship and important when it comes to change of behavior and accepting directions. My diverse background, travel, and education have allowed me to gain valuable information and to sharpen my counseling, coaching, recreation management, administrative, communications, organizational, computer, listening and analytical skills. Both teammates, colleagues, and employers alike say I am diligent, responsible, reliable, competent, and demonstrate self-motivation. All are valuable qualities when it comes to being a leader and to helping develop leadership. Also I have been able to attract good, competent and talented people to assist in the operation of our program. They come based on confidence in my skills, my vast professional basketball experience, coaching, and counseling, communicating with players, students, clients, and parents. TheKeySLI team has a shared vision and strong desire to see our youth be safe, healthy, and successful."