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Frequently Asked Questions?

1.      Q. Is playing basketball the only activity that the Key SLI does?

​         A. Participants learn proper breathing, character building,  stress management and conflict resolution  
               techniques, age appropriate healthy eating, and much more

2.      Q. Is the program affordable? 

          A. Yes we employ a variety of options to donate to the program and limited scholarships may be 

3.     Q. Are sessions co-ed? 

        A. Based on enrollment some of the sessions are co-ed. However, we do  promote girls learning about 
              themselves and their strengths  and weaknesses.     So some of the sessions are single sex
              to aid in having a comfortable environment with  minimum  distractions. 

4.     Q. Are parents and/or guardians required to participate?

         A. The initial orientation is designed to help parents feel at ease  and to understand the partnership 
               that is being formed.

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